Saturday, September 6, 2014

THE COUNTRY GOSPEL listeners tune in from all over the world. It is always fascinating to see where our listeners originate from. Places like Jamaica, China, Australia, India, Germany, and Africa love Christian Country Music as much as us Americans. With the technology we have today we are glad to be able to share the Gospel with the world in a Country Music style.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

What began as an online search for a Christian Country Radio station has now become THE COUNTRY GOSPEL. The options found online usually result in hearing stations playing what they call Inspirational songs that while not generally being as bad as what you hear on secular Country stations still sometimes strays from the overall Gospel Message and in some cases contains profanity in the very songs that otherwise might have a good meaning. THE COUNTRY GOSPEL is not the traditional Country or Southern Gospel station. We take the best Country music from Country, Southern Gospel, and in a few cases Contemporary Artists that stays true to the Country music sound but most importantly the Gospel Message. We hope your search is over. Welcome to THE COUNTRY GOSPEL!

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